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There is No Truth
Truth and perception are interchangeable, depending on your personal experiences. When times are good, we take things for granted and assume they will always be there. But when they are taken away, we realize how fragile and precious the people we love are. It makes us aware and teaches us what’s important.
Molly MacKenna’s life is falling apart, and she often feels like grabbing each of the stubborn, prideful, Irish males in her family and smashing their hot heads together. The only bright spot in her life is one of her father’s best friend’s sons, Killian Flanagan, who is drop-dead gorgeous and head-over-heels in love with Molly. The man is the whole sexy Irish/Latin package, which is why she won’t date him.
       Some psychologists suggest we each hold at least thirteen secrets at any given time. Is a secret ever not detrimental? Do we have a right to our secrets? If so, how does keeping them change us and those closest to us? We may have a right to them, but eventually, most secrets have a way of coming out and destroying those we love and our carefully constructed lives. When a secret from Molly’s father’s past threatens her family, Killian steps up to get to the bottom of it.
There is no truth only, perception, and everyone’s perception is different. Molly is forced to realize that some lessons can’t be taught. They have to be lived.
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