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Only Perception

Is our perception determined by nurture or nature? Can someone alter our perspective? Or is it so deeply ingrained into our makeup that we can’t see the trees for the forest?

Hanna O’Shea is happily living the life she worked hard to create by following her dreams. She is the fourth child of proud Irish parents who own a successful, family run pub. She strikes out on her own to become the first vegan/vegetarian chef at one of the top ten exclusive restaurants in the city. The imaginative, determined young woman not only captured the coveted job, but she also calls the swarthy, handsome owner her boyfriend. Hanna’s perception of her life couldn’t be any more perfect.

Aidan Flanagan’s perception of Hanna’s life couldn’t be any more different. He would never argue that she isn’t a beautiful, gifted chef, but that is the only thing he would agree on. Her metrosexual boyfriend is a pompous weasel who is using her. To Aidan, Hanna is as naïve as she is driven. He should know, since he has been in love with her for years, and she has no idea. Aidan never pursued Hanna because he struggles with his own personal image, that he was nurtured to believe.

Everything changes the instant Hanna finds herself in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Injured and disillusioned, she runs to Aidan for help. Can they outrun the past, even if it isn’t theirs? Hanna and Aidan have to decide if it is their nature or nurture that will directly, or indirectly, shape who they will become.

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