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Perception is Truth

What is the best revenge? Is it to move on with a smile? To show the person that you can put aside your anger and be happy. Or is it a tooth for a tooth or an eye for an eye. There was a time in Dejuan's life when he believed people were good, family was everything and the future only held unlimited prospects.

Discovering the truth had been his undoing. It took five years to recover and now the monster he had become lived for one thing revenge. Who ever said the best revenge is no revenge had never been betrayed by someone close to them. 

Ciara couldn't take the dampness of any season in Ireland. She longed to live in a warmer climate. Actually, she'd give her right arm just to visit a hot climate. But that would never happen because her father had a travel restriction placed on him when he was a young man. Guilt by association meant no one in their family could leave the country. It was so unfair, but a girl could still dream.

The problem is Ciara wakes up to find out sometimes dreams do come true and not necessarily as a result of hard work. However, like everything else in life there is a price to pay. As a nurse Ciara's payment for waking up in a tropical Paradise is to help the man who made it possible or forfeit  everyone she loves. 

Ciara realizes her actual goal won't be to nurse Dejuan's body or mind it will be to nurse his soul. While she reaps a few rewards of her captivity can she show Dejuan which is stronger emotion revenge or love? He wants both but he'll have to choose which is more powerful.

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